Exodus Foundation: The Charity

The organization’s charity objective is based on the Second Commandment; 'Love your neighbour as yourself.' (Mark 12: 30-31, KJV).

The charity

This wing of the EFM application is to ensure that members of EFM are able to express the second commandment in full. This is to complement the spiritual application of EFM’s objective. Through the application of this principle, EFM members and subsequently all nations shall feel the presence and the love of Jehovah God on earth. People’s basic needs shall be taken care of under this application. It is believed that through this objective, God’s principle of Divine Providence could be partly realized through His Provisions. To achieve this, EFM has developed a holistic and fully integrated approach designed to promote health and well-being of all nations. The pillars of this application are:

  • Noah’s Ark Programme (NAR): Palliative care Programme for people with dreaded disease and those living with disabilities
  • Red Sea Programme (RSP), which shall cater for vulnerable populations i.e. widows, orphans and elderly people by ensuring provisions of;
  • Shelter/safe accommodation
  • Feeding schemes
  • Day care centers,
  • Social work services
  • HIV/AIDS & TB Programme
  • Gender Based Program: Empowerment of survivors of domestic, financial, psychological, emotional and sexual abuse project.
  • Mental health, Drug and Alcohol prevention program.
  • Wisdom of King Solomon Programme (WKSP) education initiative with a focus on the establishment of study groups, provision of scholarships & bursaries for the needy, resource libraries and computer laboratories.
  • Genesis Programme Income generation for the needy, the illiterate and the unemployed

“Capacity building is a key tool for sustainability and community development.  An effort that makes a difference in someone’s life today for their benefit not ours”

Our Work

In the past year, Exodus Foundation Ministries reached over 100, 000 people with a package of services. The key activities implemented successfully include:

  • HIV Testing, Treatment Initiation and ART adherence support
  • TB case identification, linkage to TB treatment, DOTS support and defaulter tracing
  • Clothing, hygiene and food parcel support
  • Schools feeding schemes
  • Medical Male Circumcision
  • Index Training rollout