Exodus Ministries – The Church

Our vision and mission is to help connect people to faith

The organization’s spiritual application is based on the First Commandment; ‘Listen, Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with your entire mind, and with all your strength’ (Mark 12: 29, KJV). This principle aims to empower people with the knowledge of the Word of God, putting emphasis in developing an intimate relationship with Jehovah God by obeying His commandment and all principles therein, thereby portraying love to the Lord. The intention of this application is to expose the bible principles and how they shall be applied in day to day activities. EFM hopes that this application shall reinforce the fear of God whilst regenerating good conscience. Good conscience is viewed in this instance as the ability to think, act and behave positively. This is facilitated by acquiring critical and good decision making skills of which all are abundantly available in the Holy Bible. It is believed that through the proper application of this directive, South Africa, Africa and the whole world can benefit greatly in terms of minimizing the social ills that all countries are faced with and that the process of moral regeneration could be facilitated quicker. Through the proper application of the Holy Bible principles, it is known that all nations can live in peace, enjoy their wealth and enjoy long healthy lives.

Our Doctrine

There is one God. God’s name is JEHOVAH-YHWH-Hebrew (Psalm 83:18).JEHOVAH God is Holy (Isaiah 6:3). JEHOVAH God is a Lover of Justice (Psalm 37:28). JEHOVAH God is Love (1 John 4:8). JEHOVAH God alone is the Highest God (Psalm 83:18). JEHOVAH God is Indefinite (Psalm 90:2. Jesus Christ is the Son of God (Mathew 3:17). Jesus Christ is the perfect reflection of His father, Jehovah God  (John 14:9, Col 1: 15).Jesus Christ was with Jehovah God from the beginning of all things and unto the end (John 1: 1, Col 1:16).Jesus Christ is the ransom sacrifice for our deliverance from the bondage of sin (1 John 4: 9, & 10).Jesus Christ is the appointed King of Jehovah God’s Kingdom (1 Tim 6:15).Jesus Christ is the appointed Judge in the Kingdom of God (2Tim 4:1).  The Holy Spirit is the gift from God. (John 14: 26)

OUr Key Services

  • Year opening & Back to school Service; we get God’s blessings for the year ahead
  • Monthly Holy Sacramental Service where we get to participate in the Lords Supper as a symbol of remembrance of Him during our gatherings.
  • Lent/Ash Service this is an evening service; where we get to be reminded of our salvation by having a sign of the cross made from ashes on our forehead.
  • Palm Service where we remember and celebrate the entrance of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem riding on a donkey.
  • Easter & Resurrection Service is a three day celebration where we remember and honour Jesus Christ as the complete sacrifice in exchange of our sins.
  • Ascension Service; this is where we celebrate Jesus Christ ascension to heaven where He took His rightful place on the left hand side of our God JEHOVAH.
  • Pentecost Service; this is where the disciples of Jesus Christ received the Holy Spirit which enabled them to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout different nations speaking different tongues. In this service, we receive the strength of the Holy Spirit which enables us do God’s work all year throughout.
  • Youth Celebration Service –in June; in this Service we recognize the presence and the strength of young people as portrayed in the Bible.
  • Sawing Service; this is where we get an opportunity to plant our works, our desires and our sins to the garden of Jesus Christ.
  • Harvestine and Thanksgiving Service; this is where we celebrate our yearlong spiritual and physical harvest and then give praise and worshipper to the Almighty JEHOVAH who is the source of goodness.
  • Memorial Service; we do this service three times a year, where remember that our wonderful spiritual works will earn us eternal lives.
  • Confirmation Service
  • Year-end service
  • Christmas Service
  • New Year’s Eve Service

“Capacity building is a key tool for sustainability and community development.  An effort that makes a difference in someone’s life today for their benefit not ours”



  • KwaZulu-Natal Region

KwaZulu-Natal has the church head office where the Archbishop resides. KwaZulu-Natal has a total of 11 missions. KwaZulu-Natal has 6 ordained Ministers, 1 Evangelist, 2 Student Ministers and 2 Lay Preachers. These missions are:

  • Durban City Central Mission
  • Edendale Central Mission
  • Gezubuso Central Mission
  • Imbali Central Mission
  • KwaMncane City Central Mission
  • KwaMpande Central Mission
  • Mpophomeni Central Mission
  • Sweetwaters Central Mission
  • Escourt City Central Mission
  • Ntabamhlophe City Central Mission
  • Loskop City Central Mission

New upcoming missions include Ndwedwe Central Mission, Willowfontein Mission and Gcilima Central Mission.

  • Eastern Cape Region

Eastern Cape has the Regional office in East London where the Bishop of the Eastern Cape Region Resides. Eastern Cape has 2 Ministers and 3 Lay Preachers. Eastern Cape has 6 missions. These are:

  • Berlin Central Mission
  • Mdantsane Central Mission
  • Duncan Village Central Mission
  • Zwelitsha Central Mission
  • Tamara Central Mission
  • Uitnehage Central Mission

New upcoming missions will be updated soon.

  • Western Cape Region

Western Cape Region has 1 Minister and one mission, Cape Town City Central Mission.

  • Gauteng Region

Gauteng Region has 1 Minister and 1 Lay Preacher. Gauteng Region has 3 missions:

  • Orlando West Central Mission
  • Johannesburg City Central Mission
  • Tshwane City Central Mission

Our Creed

I believe that there is One God; whose name is JEHOVAH, who is the Creator of all good things and that Jesus Christ is His only begotten who has been given authority to judge mankind. I believe that I can receive eternal life if acknowledge that Jesus Christ is my King and Redeemer and by leading a life full of Love, goodness and the truth.

I believe that we have been given a big gift of communicating with our heavenly Father JEHOVAH all the time and every time when we come to Him in prayer through the name of His Son Jesus Christ and that JEHOVAH listens and respond to our prayers at all times.

I believe that JEHOVAH rescued the nation of Israel from Egypt through the hand of Moses, in the same way He rescue us from sins and suffering through His WORD which is His Son Jesus Christ which was given as a Ransom Sacrifice so that we as sinners receive the Holy Spirit and eternal life.

I believe that the Holy Spirit gives us strength to fight all temptations which attacks us on daily basis and it helps us to obey JEHOVAH’s commandments so that we lead joyful and clean lives that is pleasing to our heavenly Father JEHOVAH.

I believe that I need to die a physical death which is the death of desires and death of loving the world, so that I can have a full and complete spiritual life. I believe in my natural death so that I can be see my King Jesus Christ who has been given authority to judge by JEHOVAH, only if I have lived according to His ten commandments.